The Birth Of An Era: Rock Wall Demo

Wow, what a day we’ve had, phew.  What started out as an innocent trip to Home Depot for primer and a brush shortly turned into Shawn getting the reno bug and going crazy to our basement.

That’s right folks, Shawn went one to one with the Rock Wall and kicked its ass! Bing Bing, we have a winner!!!

Read on to see how we did it!

Step One
We started out by ripping off the stapled in ceiling tile.  That shit had to go anyway and we needed to get rid of the quarter round so we could paint the walls, but more on that later.

Rock Wall before ass woopin’

Step Two
Let my husband, the Hazmat worker, take a peek around.  He the responsible one was looking for asbestos, I was too chicken to look in case there was any unwanted critters.  Luckily for us we didn’t find either.

Step Three
Debate for a long time about what the hell we expected out of this wall once we stripped it of its pride.  I said we should just paint it or make a false wall and put up some drywall.  Shawn, the glutton for punishment, heartily volunteered to remove the rocks.  Then we both decided with the rocks removed we could just plaster over the disgusting trowel texture and try to make a smooth surface as best we could.
So on to the demo-ing…
Shawn said it didn’t look like asbestos but was still worried about the silica that could be in the air so we made use of his work masks.
Safety First!!  No, I don’t know why he looks like such a creeper, just smile and nod.

Step Four
Make a big mess and sweat a lot!  Of course I did all this from the side lines, I don’t like to sweat or make messes or work really… So I let Shawn show off his manly construction skills. 

He volunteered to remove the rocks, after all 14 were gone he thought I’ll just remove the plaster as well, 5 hours later I’m thinking he’s probably regretting this.
To be continued….

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