How I Got Long, Strong Nails In Only 2 Weeks!

All my life I suffered from thin, bendable nails that always broke so easily.  I longed for the long, strong nails you see in the Instagram photos.  I felt defeated everytime I tried polishes and creams that never seemed to work as advertised.


That’s when I came across a Sassy Masha vlog with an answer to ALLLLLL my nail problems!  In the vlog, Maria talks about how she too suffered from thin nails.  You can see evidence of this in her earliest YouTube videos.  Her nails were nowhere close to what they are now and so she let us all in on the secret to how she got her long, strong, to die for gorgeous nails.


Drum roll, please!


Mavala Scientifique Penetrating Nail Hardener

Strengthens nails from tip to base by bonding the three layers of the nail plate together

Unique formula since 1958 quickly hardens soft and splitting nails

Easy brush on application

Use 2x per week until nails strengthen; maintain strength using 2-3x per month

Mavala exclusive complex: regenerating, anti-drying and strengthener of nails


A small but mighty product for sure!  It’s so simple and takes only 2 weeks to start working.  Apply Mavala Scientifique Penetrating Nail Hardener to the tips of your nails ONLY, twice a week.  Then when your nails are stronger apply once a week to every other week!  The product is unique in that it soaks into your nails, it doesn’t coat them.  Once applied and soaked in you’re left with clean dry nails.  You can find it on here on Amazon for under $40.  The price might seem high but you use so little that it goes a very long way.


I just can’t gush enough about this product, it’s so easy to use and it ACTUALLY works!  I have the nails I’ve always dreamed of.


Shown wearing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Lip Palm



Now I know my nails don’t seem all that long from the photos but I am keeping them a little on the short side because I’m learning guitar.


Shown wearing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Lip Palm






























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