Kitchen Cabinet Conundrum

Our biggest problem by far has been the issues that keep popping up with the kitchen so it wasn’t too big of a surprise to find even more when trying to install the cabinets.

Through the suggestion of a friend Shawn and I decided to go with Ikea cabinets, he liked the price tag (cheap), I liked the blank canvas I had to work with.  So off we went to the new HUGE Ikea in Ottawa and decided on the cheapest model doors, Harlig.  I took all the measurements, worked out all the dimensions on the Ikea Kitchen Planner software and voila we had a new kitchen… or so I thought.

I convinced my dad to come and help me build them by telling him it was going to be a walk in the park and shouldn’t take us more than a few hours to do…. bahahahahaha.  Well what I told him would be easy-peasy turned into 12 hours of Ikea madness!

After a head scratch and lots of laughter over the Ikea instructions we grabbed the first box and went to it.  Bad idea, we ended up with a wall cabinet which we didn’t need until way later.  So back to the pile of boxes to determine what was what and come up with a game plan, we decided to tackle the base cabinets first, starting with the drawers and that’s where the problems began. 
Silly me took measurements when the metal cabinets were still in place and didn’t take into account where the plumbing was so when dad and I built the 24″ drawer cabinets it was then that I realized that the plumbing was not in the centre of the wall but more off to the left, pretty much right in between the drawer and sink cabinet.  I gave up all hope but my dad hmm’d and haw’d and figured out that the drawers weren’t so deep that they wouldn’t be affected by the plumbing at all.  Phew! 
Shot from the top of the plumbing behind the drawer

 With our biggest problems behind us I finished building the upper wall cabinets while dad hung them.  We had to leave one on the ground to make room for a pipe that will carry the washing machine water out of the house, but that’s another blog!
So after 12 hours here’s what we accomplished!
My dad measuring for the upper track
Measure twice, cut once!
The hole on the right is where the other cabinet needs to be placed
After this weekend the kitchen should *fingers crossed* be done, I can’t wait to show everyone the fruit of our labour!

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