Ikea Butcher Block Counter

This is what it looked like out of the box

So for economical reasons (cheap) and that rustic country look we decided to get the infamous oak butcher block from Ikea.

WARNING!  That shit is heavy!

The counter had a few little blemishes in it so I started by sanding with a 100 grit sandpaper, finishing it with a 120 grit. 

Next step was staining.  I read online that some people used Tung oil, while others full on polyurethaned theirs.  I hadn’t planned on using it as a surface to cut on or prepare food so I felt satisfied just staining it.  I used Min-Wax in Red Mahogany because Shawn thought the colour complemented the floors and boy was he right!  The counters turned out beautifully!

9 months pregnant and sanding a counter,
there’s dedication for you!

All finished!

Just a little caulking left to do from the Caulk Meister aka Shawn and voila we have ourselves one hell of a counter!

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