How To Build A Square Foot Garden

So we’ve been going through some tough times, shortly after Mother’s Day our sweet, precious Adelaide was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and was hospitalized for close to 2 weeks.  So as you might have guessed I haven’t had the time or resources available to write about how we celebrated Mother’s Day.  Life is somewhat back to normal so I’m making the time to do it now!

My mom, sister and I had attended a Square Foot Garden class and learned all kinds of tips and tricks on what exactly is a square foot garden, how to build one, and what to add for the best results. So first things first;

Shawn decided he wanted to do a 4X16′ box but you can do any length you’d like just be sure to keep with the 4′ depth.  We do the 4′ depth to make the plants accessible from both sides.  You don’t even need to build a box you can buy a 4×4′ from your trusted big box store for under $100.

Next you will want to lay your garden cloth, if you have poor drainage, like us, you might want to add stone or dig trenches.

In our seminar we were told to lay out a tarp and add the peat moss, vermiculite, and compost mixture on top.  Then you mix all 5 ingredients together and add to the box.  
I didn’t remember when we were adding the peat moss and vermiculite that you were to add the “Magic Mix’ in as well so we just added 1/3 peat moss and then 1/3 vermiculite and perlite mix (we couldn’t find enough of the vermiculite so we bought perlite to supplement). 
Here Shawn and Kai are mixing the ‘Magic Mix’ together, but like I mentioned above we should have added it to the peat moss and vermiculite.
Best thing about the ‘Magic Mix’ is with the absence of soil you have absolutely no weeding to do!  Yes, you read that right NO WEEDING!

Next you will want to add your seeds and baby plants.  You might have to do a little research about the types of things you want to plant because some things will take a whole square whereas other may be a few in one square.  For example a tomato plant will take up one whole square, but you can plant 4 onions in one square.  If you need more information on the whole square foot gardening process, we were told to reference this book; All New Square Foot Gardening.  You can buy it at Chapters or Amazon in both paper and ebook versions for about $15-$20.

 After you’re done planting, water the heck out of the garden and take a picture.

Here is a picture of our garden exactly one month after Mother’s Day.  It is coming along quite nicely and the kids get such a kick out of seeing how much our veggies are growing everyday!
Building the 4X16′ garden from scratch wasn’t exactly cheap when it was all done and over with it probably cost Shawn about $600.  Keep in mind though that we do live in a small town where our choices were far more limited so perhaps you might be able to find some deals in a larger town or city.

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