Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Martha Stewart Beadboard Wallpaper

I had wanted a country feel to my kitchen and thought what better than some beadboard!  But we didn’t exactly have the funds or the tools and skills for the real deal so I went online and did what I do best; RESEARCH!  It didn’t take me to long to find an agreeable alternative, wallpaper! 
I found out that Home Depot sold Martha Stewart Beadboard Paintable Wallpaper for around $25 a roll.  This alternative suited me fine since it was a fraction of the cost of the real thing and didn’t require any special tools or know how.  I also picked up some wallpaper paste (it is not pasted on the back) and some caulk – I’ll explain later.
Courtesy of – Frugal Family
Only problem was that I had never wallpapered before in my life and was extremely hesitant to try, so thank goodness the roll had instructions printed on them and my mother was only one phone call away.  When I took the paper out of the package it was foamy feeling and very thick, it truly looks like the real thing when it’s on the wall.
The instructions state that you should measure 20″ from a window and draw a vertical line down the wall from there to get the most accurate straight line.  I used a square to measure and then set my laser level to make me vertical line for me.
I rolled on some paste with a simple paint roller and made sure to make it nice and thick and go outside the “line”.
After that I just put the paper up to the laser level line and then slid it into place.  I used a trowel to press down the bottom edge and then used a box cutter to cut the bottom off and smoothed out any bubbles with my hands. 
I didn’t bother making sure the bottom or edges were perfect because I plan to cover them with some strip of wood or something at a later time. 
After I proceeded to go around the whole room I then went over all the edges and points where the paper meets with some caulk, this seemed to give the paper a more seamless look.  I plan to paint it all white later so I wasn’t concerned with being able to see the caulk or anything.
People keep asking me why I put it so high and it’s because I wanted it to be right to the bottom of my cupboards, besides I think it looks better that way anyway.
And Voila!  I mastered the art of wallpapering!  One more thing to take off the old diy bucket list!

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