DIY Chalkboard Paint

It didn’t start out as a planned chalkboard wall, instead I had originally planned to carry the beadboard wallpaper around the whole room but one dark and gloomy day I decided to switch it up and surprise Shawn with this little diddy. 

I wasn’t sure I was going to do it because chalkboard paint is so expensive (about $25 for a small can) so I found a way to make it yourself!!


  • Unsanded tile grout
  • Paint – colour of your choosing
  • Mixing cup/bowl/bucket
  • Mixing spoon or stir stick
  • Brush/Roller – I used a 2″ brush
  • Paint tray
  • Surface to paint
  • Chalk
  1. Depending on how big your surface is you will need to vary your ingredients but you mix the grout with the paint until there are no lumps. The paint will harden so make sure you only mix what you need.
  2. Apply with brush/roller like regular paint
  3. When the area is done curing (about 3 days) you will need to condition it, to do this you will rub the entire surface with the side a chalk piece.  This is to prevent ghosting (when you can see the chalk after you’ve erased it).
  4. Now go bananas and draw all over the place!

            Tile grout is a fine powder so please wear a face mask or work in a well ventilated area.

Now I’ve never been one to wait for curing times and desperately wanted to try the bistro marker I had bought, which is like liquid chalk, so I drew a nice little menu for Shawn for when he came home.  Only thing is when I went to wash it off, it had ghosted onto the wall.  So yesterday I painted it again and this time will avoid the bistro marker.

Peyton and I have endless fun making stick figure families and drawing themes like the Thanksgiving one pictured, she later added pumpkins (or so she says…) and “boo pumpkins” (jack-o-lanterns).  I let Peyton have the left side under the cabinets to draw what she likes (away from the knives), while I try my best at creating some sort of legible block letters. 


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    Lindsey Noonan
    October 1, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Can't believe you made it yourself….such talent!!!!

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