Her Story

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Hey there!  I’m Allison, and I happen to be the brains (and beauty) behind Newbie Nesters.

The blog started out as a place for me to write about the renovations Shawn and I were doing to our townhouse.  Since then we’ve moved to a new house and I continued the theme, writing about all the work we did to update our 1950’s house that was stuck in the ’70’s.  But after giving birth the day after we moved in, and losing my job, and subsequently giving birth yet again, Newbie Nesters has also added a new member, a shop!

Welcome to the new Newbie Nesters!

These days you can find me playing house and raising 3 spawn babies.  I like to throw on some golden oldies, don a retro apron and try my best June Cleaver impersonation.  Needless to point out, I like me some olden days.

So what does Newbie Nesters have to offer, you might ask?

Well, I have a collection of;

  •  – Cleaning tips
  • – Vintage advice
  • – Rants and ramblings
  • – Entertainment
  • – And random things I want to write about
I enjoy writing so I hope you enjoy reading.