When In Doubt, Throw It Out!

A well deserved cappuccino for all the work achieved today.  First a quick trip to Walmart to shop around for some storage bins and pick up a cleaning caddy for my 50’s housewife experiment, then it was off to the races…                                                                             
Our mission; to clean up the dumping ground we so lovingly called our basement.  It was pretty much a continuation of the work I did last week with an extreme emphasis on throwing things out.
Here’s our list we made and totally stuck to;
  1. Practical Items – if we hadn’t used them in a year, garbage
  2. Decorative Items – if we don’t absolutely love it, sayonora
  3. If it’s broken or missing pieces and we aren’t willing to fix it, hasta la vista baby
  4. If it doesn’t fit stop torturing yourself and throw that crap away
We followed these rules pretty harshly and were sorry to see a lot of things go but our storage room has never looked so great. 
From start to finish the project took pretty much all frickin’ day, with only one quick lunch break in the middle.  After lunch Shawn and Peyton joined me and we had some fun family time rummaging through our own garbage.
It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it
We’re not really finished, we do want to get some nice plastic storage containers and really sort through the boxes and label them. 
Well enough jibber jabber, I’ll just show you the before and afters…
How embarrassing

Notice our list on the pole

I know it doesn’t look that good now but our main focus was to get rid of the junk, and we really did get rid of a lot.
Here’s the proof…
That’s right folks, all 8 bags of garbage are ours.
For the next 3ish weeks we will be concentrating on throwing out junk from the other side of the basement and then we will be organizing what is left over and finding forever-ish spots to place things.

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