Welcome Back!

I know I have taken quite a long hiatus but it’s all been worth it because I have some great news!  We bought a new house!  Now not only do I have tons of more demo/reno blogs but will have many more projects blogs as well.

First thing is first!  Our new home!  I had previously been looking to move outside of the city to get away from the crime and constant feeling of being unsafe.  The world looks far different from a parents eyes.  I wanted a small town/country atmosphere where I could raise our spawns without too much worry. 

I grew up on a farm outside a small town, where daily activities consisted of chores both in and outside the house.  My sister and I made umpteen-million forts in the bush and our idea of farm fun was riding around in the tractor bucket, not including the winter we kept baby lambs in the kitchen….

Bottom line, I wanted to get away.  Never did I imagine that we would be getting this far away but when a great opportunity falls in your lap you don’t just throw it away!  Heck no! 

Now for a sneak peek at our new casa!

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