Weekend Wrap Up Long Weekend of Fun

  So this weekend was the first in many that Shawn had the whole thing off and the fact that it was a long weekend made it even better.  

  Our weekend started off kind of crappy when Peyton spent Friday night with a fever especially since she was supposed to attend a birthday party at the splashpad the next day.  Upon waking Saturday morning she was still sick but it was nothing a little Advil couldn’t fix. 

  After catching the Tubie parade; Shawn headed to the gym and I took all the spawns to the splashpad for the birthday party.

  The rest of the day was spent hanging around and while the girls had a well deserved nap, the boys went for a walk at the bird sanctuary.

  Sunday was spent at church of course and afterward Shawn took the eldest two to the waterfront to catch the tubie race and I took the smallest gremlin home for a nap.  Later on we had a nice fire in the backyard and some wonderful family time. 

  We slept in on Monday but had an awesome day just chilling around the house and after supper we decided to have a little fun in the sun and headed to the beach.






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