Weekend Wrap Up A Day At The Village

Loooong time coming, our summer was so fun-filled I was just too busy to fill you all in!  


Summer would not be complete without our inaugural visit to Upper Canada Village


“Touring Upper Canada Village is a magical experience, transporting you back in time to the 1860s. A key part of the experience is the authentic buildings that make up the village, the activities that each housed, and of course, the people who lived there.


Founded in 1961, Upper Canada Village is one of the largest living-history sites in Canada. Here, we endeavor to depict life in a rural English Canadian setting during the year 1866. Featured are over forty historical buildings, many moved here prior to flooding of the “Lost Villages” during the St. Lawrence Seaway development project. These include homes, functioning mills and trades workshops.”


We had the pleasure of sharing our day with my mom, sister, and her little ones.


Adelaide is pretty happy with her dress selection.


No trip the Village is complete without a visit to the Activity Barn, here your little time travellers can dress up, play old games, put on a puppet show, and even practice writing with quill and ink.  Needless to say, this is usually the highlight for any child visiting.


My niece, Iggy, looking quite lady like in her 1860’s duds.


My niece, Meme, is putting on a good rendition of the 3 Little Pigs.


Peyton, trying her best to start a game of checkers.






“Traditional farming techniques are demonstrated through the growing of heritage vegetables and raising of heritage livestock breeds. Ornamental gardens throughout the village feature flora fashionable in the late Victorian era. Weavers, spinners and dressmakers demonstrate traditional handiwork. Aspects of late 19th-century social life, music, religion and politics are discussed and demonstrated by knowledgeable staff dressed in clothing of the period.”


Peyton is enjoying the Travelling Tiltons Show.



Love anything vintage and post related!



Beautiful writing desk in the Dr.’s house.


The Village is dotted all over with “Time Travellers”.



You can’t pass up a trip on the “Tow Scow”.



We all had a fantastic day and can’t wait to go back for PUMPKINFERNO!


“Come and stroll through a hauntingly beautiful and spellbinding outdoor exhibit of close to 7,000 hand-crafted pumpkins, set against a stirring night-time backdrop just inside the gates of historic Upper Canada Village. Marvel at rejuvenated and eclectic displays of scenes from exotic places and historic ages, meet up with forest animals and sea-born creatures, see story book heroes, mythical characters, cultural icons and more …. all carved from pumpkins!”

















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