Week Of Wellness 30 Uses For Thieves



  Now that we’ve discovered how awesome Thieves is, let’s now find out some practical uses for this versatile blend and the other products in the Thieves line.












  1. Rub diluted on the bottoms of feet for extra protection, especially during winter.
  2. Put 2–3 drops on a cloth to freshen laundry.
  3. Drop on stubborn adhesives, such as glue and chewing gum, to remove from surfaces.
  4. Drop 4–5 drops on a tissue and attach to an air vent to freshen a hotel room.
  5. Diffuse for 24–48 hours straight to eliminate household mold.












  1. Use as a pre-wash spot remover for tough fabric stains.*
  2. Use diluted as a pre-soak for dirty sportswear.
  3. Add a capful when rewashing a forgotten laundry load to eliminate mildew odors.
  4. Use diluted to remove grease, food, or pet stains from carpet.* 
  5. Use to remove tough stains on plastic food storage containers.
  6. Use undiluted to clean tough areas, such as ovens and rusted metal.
  7. Spray diluted on plants with mold.
  8. Use to clean stubborn “bathtub ring.”
  9. Use to remove hard-water buildup and soap scum.
  10. Use to remove fingerprints from stainless steel, glass, mirrors, and other surfaces.












  1. Spray inside the car to freshen the air and surfaces.
  2. Spray on the filter in vacuum to freshen the air while you clean.
  3. Spray on silk and fake plants to clean.*
  4. Spray in closets to freshen and protect from unwanted scents.
  5. Spray on sheets before making the bed to freshen.
  6. Spray on laundry, especially towels, while folding.
  7. Use to remove permanent marker from surfaces.*
  8. Use to eliminate ants and other pests.
  9. Use as a bathroom deodorizer.
  10. Bring on vacation to freshen clothes and hotel rooms while traveling.
  11. Spray in water-damaged rooms to eliminate mildew odors.
  12. Use to clean tree and plant sap from hands and gardening tools.













  1. Wipe countertop and cutting board to disinfect surface before preparing food.
  2. Wipe down handle and child seat on shopping cart before use.
  3. Wipe down toys.
  4. Wipe down doorknobs, handles, phones, keyboard, and other surfaces that are handled often, especially after someone has been sick.













  1. Put inside a small spray bottle to use as a breath freshener.












  1. Use as a pre-wash treatment by scrubbing stains and spots.*


*Before trying on a large area, test a small inconspicuous spot first.










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