The Reality Check & Utter Clutter Chaos

OH NO!!!  Where did all the time go?

So as we’re nearing the end of the month for our basement makeover we are realizing we totally need a reality check.  It just wasn’t plausible to do all the things we wanted to with the time we had assigned to it.  Our lives pretty much got in the way but we have not given up on the basement yet.

For the month of February I will focus on our main floor while Shawn continues to do some demo in the basement, the rock wall is proving more difficult than we had imagined.  But, oh boy, do we have a surprise in store for you regarding that hideous of all things hideous: The Rock Wall.

Luckily, I have my mom to come and help obsessively clean organize the main floor with me, we have some really good ideas on how to maximize the floor space!  I am really looking forward to getting the main floor done and finished, it’s the only floor with zero closet space so EVERY SINGLE thing is out for everyone to see, including our lovely dingy ass mop right next to our eating area, yum yum yum!! 

The main floor is just that for us, the MAIN floor.  We do all of our living on this floor. It’s where we prepare meals, eat those meals, watch TV, use the computer, go to the bathroom (powder room you sickos), throw our coats/bags/shoes (we don’t usually throw those, we just take them off), play with our spawn, and entertain company.

Our main floor has become the ultimate dumping ground, you can find anything from food to hair styling crap, cleaning tools to laundry both clean and dirty.  It’s shameful and takes hours to clean on a good day.  I’m hoping with my moms help that we can reign in the clutter and get a grip on the total lack of organization. 

Here’s to another journey into the land of utter clutter chaos!

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