Spring Cleaning Checklist: Bathroom

Here it is, the dreaded bathroom.  With this cleaning list you’ll be in and out in no time and leave a sparkling toilet behind you.

1. Quick Clean:  Start with a quick clean of the area, clear the surfaces, and clear the clutter so that you will have space to do the actual cleaning.

2. Dust Thoroughly:  Always dust from the top of the room down.  Use a soft cloth that will not leave lint or threads.  Get the hard-to-reach areas such as venting fans and tops of cabinets.  Remove all light fixtures, wash and return them.

3. Wipe Down Walls:  With a mixture of hot water and a mild color-free dish detergent use a soft sponge to wipe down walls, pay close attention to switch plates, and door knobs.

4. Cabinet/Vanity:  Remove everything from inside the medicine cabinet and vanity, throw out anything thats nearly empty or expired, wash inside and replace everything neatly.  Wash the outside of the vanity and do any paint touch ups that might be needed.  Finish with a shine of the mirror.

5. Linens:  Remove all linens and wash them, including  bath mats, shower curtains, towels, etc.  

6. Shower/Tub:  Scrub the shower and tub with Borax, the gritty texture will help tackle the soap scum and it’s all natural!

7. Toilet:  Clean the inside and outside of the toilet, remove the seat and get around the bolts.

8. Sink:  Clean the sink and fixtures.

9. Garbage:  Scald the garbage cans.

10. Floors:  Finish by giving all hard floors a good sweep and mop.

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