Paint Pickle

I’ve been doing a lot of searching for paint ideas online and seem to be in a pickle.  My biggest problem is not being able visualize colours well.  The best paint choices I’ve made in our whole house is probably Peyton’s room, and the new bathroom.  The rest of the house seems to be a mish-mash of colour one
really having nothing to do with the other. 

I really would like the house to feel open, clean, fresh, warm, breezy.  We only have windows on 2 sides of our house so I’d like colours that capture the sun the best and maximizes an energetic feel. 

The great thing about our basement is the fact that we have this one little window that brings in so much light to the room that it is now quite a joy to be in, just like it was when we first moved in, before the total basement trashing. 

I’ve always been very attracted to earth tones, I like fall colours, the oranges, the browns, beiges, and yellows.  After using almost all of these colours when we moved in I now realize that just because I want them to feel warm doesn’t mean they will work.  Every room in our house is a different colour which doesn’t make a small house flow very well at all, and although the palette is warm in nature, it feels forced and claustrophobic. 

I’ve done a lot of site seeing and picked some pictures that seem to speak to me, they feel clean, fresh and warm in colours I never would have picked but surprisingly love.

The most surprising thing is the subtly of the walls and the awesome pops of colours that I absolutely love!!  I think I was trying to hard to make my wall colours my main focal point when I should let the things in the room stand out.
Anyone can tell you that I am not an artsy or creative person but I what I can see I can do.  It may not come from the genes but I can emulate anything I see.  I never would have paired lime green with white and beige in my living room but now that I’ve seen it I have every confidence that I can make it work and it will look awesome!
Wish me luck!

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