Organized Home Challenge – Week #6

Week #6 – Recycling

Let’s take a break from the more physical tasks we’ve been hitting up the past few weeks and take some easy steps towards a greener home.

Create A Recycling Centre

  • Find a place in your backyard or garage to put your bigger bins for recycling, you know the ones you actually take to the curb. 
  • Make sure it is in a covered area so your paper recycling doesn’t get soggy, or covered in ice in the winter.
  • Have enough bins or big enough bins to hold ALL your recycling until pick up day.

Indoor Recycling Centre

  • Find a spot in your home, preferably the kitchen, to place recycling during the day.
  • Each night take this bin or bag out to your larger outdoor recycling centre.

So there you have it, a very simple but effective way to organize a recycling centre both indoors and out!

Happy nesting!

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