Lovely Laminate

Remember the mouldy carpet?  We were pretty happy to rip it up and even more excited to get the new laminate floors down.  We went cheap with the floors but didn’t sacrifice looks, we picked a brand called Kaindl from Home Depot in Nutmeg, it looked dark in the store but when we brought it home I had a bit of a panic because it looked very…well…fake!  I know, I know it is fake but I loved the Kaindl because of the beveled edges and grainy texture, it didn’t look or feel like laminate to me. 

Thank Jesus after it was put down it looked exactly how I pictured it would, beautiful!!

Here are some pictures…

Close-up Of The Closet

Living Room Half Done

It’s very nice to see some progress happening.  Now to get the kitchen done so we can build the cabinets and place the appliances, yikes!

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