Icky Issues

D Day was a great success, but had its fair share of issues.  The lower metal cabinets were far more complicated than anticipated due to the fact that the oil line went straight through metal, not behind, and we just didn’t have the proper tools to do the job.  The boys had to pretty much saw right through the bottom of the cabinet and then snip around the pipe to remove it.
So the next weekend was to be devoted to even more demo but you never quite know what you’re going to encounter. 
Here is the mould we found lurking under the metal cabinet
What was assumed to be a small leaky pipe that had the washer currently hooked up to it turned out to be a real problem with rust and leaks, so out went the wall behind the cabinet to get a better picture of what we were dealing with.
The wall to the right still had a piece of panelling on it that I decided needed to go in case we needed that extra 1/4″ for the new cabinets, boy am I glad we did that because I couldn’t believe what was back there, eew.
Here is the before, so we’re looking at the panel between the wall and door
Panelling removed, what lovely wallpaper…
Close-up of the mess, notice the bottom left corner?
Picture me doing the Ernest “EEEEWWWW” face right about now… this is where it got interesting, this was some geniuses idea of insulating the hole.  That folks is a t-shirt… mmm hmm, oh and a lot of mould.  So Shawn decided to remove that section of wall as well and patch it up properly. 
Mouldy drywall removed
Insulation and moisture barrier installed
All patched up and ready to go!
A job well done guys!  Now we just need the floors to be finished and the cabinets put in!!

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