Weekend Wrap Up I Love To Go A-Wandering


Well up here in the great white north we have had our share of freezing rain, snow, and just plain cold so when we had a mild day we could not wait to get outside and enjoy one of the many trails we’ve got around us.




The kids and I had such a blast checking out all that mother nature had to offer us, there was so much to see and discover and everything looks exciting through child’s eyes.  I love rediscovering things lost in me through the experiences I share with them.





We came across so many different kinds of animal tracks, some we knew and some we didn’t but all were just as awesome as the next (even if they were all the same lol).




At about an hour into our walk, we came across this awesome bridge, it was nice to break up the walk a little, stop for a snack, diaper changes and attempt to throw some rocks into the icy water.





Just across the bridge I could see a cottage and it wasn’t until we hit a fork in the trail that I realized that it was the Guest House at Upper Canada Village where Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II had stayed, and my cousin Alexis.



After the bridge and snacks, we turned around and continued on back home.






All in all our little trek took over 2 hours with all our stops and tired kids but boy did we have a good day!

















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