I Drank Only Water For 21 Days Here's What Happened!



When I was younger I had such discipline, if I put my mind to something I could accomplish anything. However, in the process of growing up, I somehow lost all of that and I waiver in my decisions from time to time.


So in the typical New Years cliche, I decided to set a resolution for myself and test my resolve when it came to something as simple as water. Now I would never call myself a big coffee drinker having a preference for tea but most mornings I catch myself reaching for the beans instead of the leaves.  Not a lot of good old fashioned water is being had.


All of this came to a head when we were in Florida over the holidays and I started having issues eating and drinking and feeling so sick no matter what it was. That’s when I decided I needed to get back to basics and figure out what was wrong so I wanted to challenge myself and drink ONLY water for 21 days. Easy right?




Day 1: VERY easy, thought pfft this is going to be a cinch!


Day 2 – 7: Really easy to forget I am doing this challenge and catch yourself going to take a sip of something off limits.


Day 8 – 14: Wow, I really wish I could start my day with a hot cup of something. Water is boring and I’d love a glass of wine.


Day 15 – 21: Man, my skin has NEVER looked this good! Water is actually awesome not boring.



So I discovered some pretty interesting things in my 21-day challenge. I learned that I can set a plan and stick to it! The beginning week or so was really challenging for me, when you’re used to getting up and sitting down with your hot cup of *insert beverage of choice here* it’s a habit that is really tough to break and there were so many moments I craved a cup of tea but opted for hot water and lemon and when I felt really deprived I added cinnamon.



I also learned that drinking only water can be somewhat isolating. We socialize a lot over drinks, let’s meet up for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine over dinner, do you want me to grab you some Tim’s? There were a lot of these moments I had to turn down and it left me feeling left out a bit and even more deprived at times.


The most surprising thing for me was my skin. I have SUFFERED from acne ever since I hit puberty and wasn’t graced with the kind that you grow out of as an adult, in fact, I found my acne got even worse the older I got. So when my mom told me the other day that my skin was glowing I had to stop and think. I had noticed I wasn’t as oily or shiny, I had no breakouts at all, and even the hyperpigmentation from my scars seemed to diminish a little.


All in all, I enjoyed challenging myself, will I continue drinking only water? No, I enjoy tea and wine too much but I think I will reach for it far more than I used to.






















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