How Changing This 1 Thing Saved My SAHM Sanity

   It’s there in the bathroom, it taunts you in your room,

it seems to pop up all over the house and seems to breed while you are sleeping.

It’s laundry!!!

   Before I became a SAHM or as I like to say a ‘Homemaker’ I used to dread the weekends because it meant it was time to do laundry.  When I married Shawn we were living in an apartment and had to drag our sorry butts downstairs, load the quarters into the machine, which always needed more time aka more quarters to achieve actual dry status, and wait and wait and wait.  I loathed doing laundry but in hindsight I’d give anything to go back to the days when it was only one load to wash, one load to dry, and one to fold, oh how quick and glorious it was!

   Fast forward 6 years and now I have 5 times the laundry I did in the good old days and only one washer and one dryer in which to do it.  After making the decision to stay home it took me a long time to find my groove, get a good routine down, but then the weekend would hit and I would be stuck doing loads and loads of laundry.  Eventually I got lazy and it would get washed and dried and left to rot, no not rot but it did just get left there until the next weekend rolled around and the basket had been picked clean and basically needed to be washed all over again.

   I have a really hard time loving being in a house that is constantly in a state of disarray and I just decided I needed to figure out a way to make this work, I couldn’t stand staring at piles of laundry anymore.  I started out with the best of intentions and went to check out the people of Walmart laundry baskets at Walmart and figured I would buy a basket for each room so they can throw their things in there each night.  Well it seemed like a great idea at the time however it only solved the problem of where to put the laundry (seems like common sense but after 3 kids common sense doesn’t seem so common).  Unfortunately at the end of the week I would still be stuck with my half a billion loads of laundry, and no I’m not exaggerating it was literally a half a billion, I’ve never exaggerated a thing in my life.  I was starting to lose my mind, I was grumpy that I missed out on nice days with my kids because I’d be stuck folding and putting away laundry.  So silly old me decides I MUST Google this and find out what I am doing wrong!  After awhile of reading so much random sh*t I came across my saving grace, there it was, so perfect, so magical, so incredibly… EASY!!!!   Here it is folks…you ready… hang on to your socks…

You must do one load of laundry everyday.

I know what you’re thinking, “I just had to read all those bad jokes to figure out that if I don’t want to do piles of laundry all weekend that I should do it more often?  This chick is an idiot.”  Well really think about it, how often do you really do your laundry?  I don’t just mean wash it, I mean how often do you wash, dry, fold, and put it away all in the same day?  The answer is not a lot of people actually do this but this is exactly what I needed.

I scrapped the basket in every room and opted instead for a single, vintage, hamper that we keep outside the bathroom.  So every night when the spawn get their bath they are taught to turn the items right-side-out and put them in the hamper, the 1 year old doesn’t do this, she’s such a diva.  After bath and all spawn are put to bed, and after 7 o’clock, I will go and put the laundry on and finish tidying up the rest of the house and write in my journal, it’s at this time the small load of laundry is done and ready to be switched to the dryer where I just leave it and go to bed.  The next day we get up and do our thing, take the eldest spawn to school and head back home to clean the house again by now the youngest is ready for nuh-night and I FINALLY get to get rid of her for a few hours.  I use these precious couple hours to fold the laundry and put it away and tackle other housework that is impossible to do when she is awake.  But because I do a load every.  single.  day it is so small that we are saving money on water, detergent, electricity, and time!  What used to take me forever to do and more often than not would not get completed at all now only takes me minutes!  That’s right, it takes only 5-10 minutes to fold laundry for 5 people AND put it away as long as you are vigilant and do it every day.  I’m no longer stuck in the house on the weekends and I get to partake in all that is awesome about time spent with family.  I no longer detest doing laundry and actually sort of love it because it means the house is finally clean, my work is finally done… that is until the baby wakes up and it all goes to hell again.

So I challenge all you nesters who hate doing laundry to follow my lead and see if this daily habit can change your mind.

Please let me know in the comments if it did or didn’t work for you or if you have any more hints and tips for us.

*Extra, Extra

If you would like a really good ASMR tutorial on a nice way to fold your laundry, then I suggest Maria, GentleWhispering‘s video below:


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