Demo? Yes, Please!

Ask anyone who knows me, I love me some good retro/vintage stuff but our new house was in need of some serious updating.  Decorated tastefully circa 1970s, it came complete with the dark faux wood panelling, poop brown carpet, and oh-so-lovely linoleum in a color only described as Exorcist vomit yellow.  The darkness of all those things combined made a small house feel even smaller.  Much to Shawn’s dismay, I decided it must all go and get a complete face lift a-la Joan Rivers and so our demo begins…

Here’s my hunky handyman in his work attire, you never know what kind of grossness you might find so best to be on the clean side and suit up.

Pulling up the carpet, wonder what we’re going to find here…
Hmm… well we had originally thought that it was just poured concrete underneath but under the poop brown carpet was foam… underpadding you ask?  No, just your regular old foam lovingly duct taped together at the seams, now this is where Mike Holmes would have a fit. 
AHHHH The power of Christ compels you!  A look at the random tile and linoleum, oh and the tack strip that was DRILLED right into the concrete with an assortment of different screws.
We didn’t expect the tile so were not prepared to rip it up.  Thank goodness for a 9-in-1 tool we bought the day before at Canadian Tire, it did the job but was quite labour intensive… for Shawn.

Now that the floor is up, our next step is to prep, prime, and paint the ugly panelling…

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    Lindsey Noonan
    March 26, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    LOL oh dear poor Shawn…

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