D Day: Demolition Day

I had mentioned before that I love all things retro and 50’s so you’d think that a house built 1954 would please me with its authentic space-age metal cabinets.
Unfortunately for me somewhere down the line someone thought it would be so awesome to paint my cute cabinets a lovely shade of pale dusty rose.  On top of that they hadn’t been taken care of for the last 50 years so what do you get when you mix metal and water… a whole lot of rust. 
It wasn’t just the cabinets that didn’t turn us on, the pink didn’t work so well with the brown carpet… No you didn’t hallucinate just now, I said it… carpet… in the kitchen.  Yup.
Not to mention the other cabinets fresh from the set of Mad Men that didn’t match a single thing in the kitchen.
 Another job for the Demolition Man!  No not Sylvester Stallone, just my husby Shawn.
Ripping up and chipping up more floor
Oh yay, more ugly flooring
Bye-Bye lowers, hello plug that has been hidden for years!

Hasta la vista uppers
Got to love those unexpected leaky pipes

This went on for most of the day until the kitchen ended up looking like this…

As you can see there is much more work to be done! 

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