Curbing Clutter

The first phase of the reno/retro experiment is the de-cluttering and overall organization of the house.  We bought our house about 2 years ago and it was in pretty sad condition but being young and ambitious we thought, “We can totally do this!!”

Well it’s been 2 years and so far about a fraction of the work has been done.  We painted, we put in new baseboards, and we pretty much slacked off.

With news of new baby coming a fire has been lit under our arses and we have all sorts of plans for fix-it-uppering.  Starting with the de-cluttering *shudder*.  De-cluttering is not our forte, in reality we probably have a forte for clutter.  We accumulate so much junk and garbage, we really feel like it’s weighing us down, we both find that we can not find the energy or determination to take the first step because it seems too overwhelming. 

Hence, the newest edition to my library!

I will take great strides to try to organize our lives so we can be a happy and productive family.

We have one of those basements that is half storage and half finished (if that’s what you want to call it, yikes) and previously we had just been throwing our crap  storing our things down there.  That turned out to be such a bad idea, we eventually ended up keeping absolutely everything we came in contact to!  So I took one morning last week to try to sort through, throw out, and organize the crap stuff.  I crawled out 5 hours later with the “finished” side of the basement full of stuff and the “storage” side filled with garbage, then I pretty much left it that way.

Shawn (my husband), took on the dirty job of cleaning the mess I had made… sorry ladies he’s mine!  After countless hours I came home from work to a mess, but an organized mess, oxymoron much!  Baby steps people, baby steps!

I have set goals for each level of the house, giving us 1 month to complete the Organization Transformation!!!  January has 31 days, so we have 31 more days to finish the basement.  February will be for the ground floor, and March for the upper level.  Hopefully we can stick to schedule and have it all finished for when I go on my maternity leave April 1st, when I’ll begin phase 2 of the reno/retro experiment!

Tah Tah for now!

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