Beastly Bathroom

I know I mentioned our house was in sad condition but nothing beat that ghastly bathroom upstairs.  It was so dated, so dirty, and just plain embarrassing.  I used to tell company over and over that I know it looked dirty but I swore I cleaned it, and cleaned it, and cleaned it.  No amount of elbow grease would make that sucker look any more clean or better.

We are very happy to annouce that this was priority number one and was the very first thing to go.


Tile around tub
Our oh so beautiful vanity

You can’t really see, but the grout was
missing from a lot of the tile
Who doesn’t want to bathe in that?
Oh! That just makes me want to barf
This is our hallway but I included the picture because that’s the
awesome baseboards and flooring our bathroom had too

It took only 2 men and 8 days to complete from demo to finish but the wait was well worth it because we ended up with a stunning bathroom.  This is going to be the only room in the house we did not do ourselves, it was just too complicated for our newbie-ness.

Shawn says, “You can’t buy a tub without trying it out first!”

We didn’t go overboard with sticking to trends like glass tile or ceramic floors, instead we opted for something more clean looking/feeling with a spa-like atmosphere.  We are really quite cheap frugal so we watched for deals and picked what was affordable without comprimising our aesthetic and even splurged to get things we really liked.


New and better vanity.  Removed the old medicine cabinet from the
wall above the light switches and patched the hole

New surround.  Far easier to clean

New soaker tub a-la no rust yay!

New flooring that Shawn picked out.  Very warm and quite tasteful.  I was very pleasently surprised.

The whole room was pretty much gutted due to the mold on the backer board from the missing tile grout and replaced.  The only thing left to do is get a new shower curtain, get a new toilet, and add some decorative pieces such as floating shelves, candles, and art work above the toilet.

Here’s our colour pallette for the paint;

Although you can’t see it in the floor picture, there are flecks of charcoal in the texture

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    Donna McEwen
    April 19, 2012 at 8:08 am

    Yup, love our surround bath unit too. I use Vim for cleaning, cheaper than the stuff that's recommended and more efficient.
    That is a great improvement for sure!

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