50's Housewife

A ‘1950’s Housewife’ Daily Cleaning List

“My idea of superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors.”

                                                                          ~ Bette Midler


A good habit for any housewife to have is a routine daily maintenance schedule.  I have taken this routine from the hum drum ‘Monday is for laundry, Tuesday is for ironing.’ of the past and updated it to suit a modern housewife who is still looking for a touch of retro with today’s conveniences!

Some might find the list to be a little too much for one day, but go at your own pace, no one is telling you that you must finish it all in one day.  The more you do the less time each day it takes to accomplish each task.  The list may look long but it really only takes me a few minutes here and there and I always have free time, so don’t feel like you will be slaving away all day cleaning.


Daily Cleaning List

o    Open blinds & windows
o    Make beds
o    Make breakfast
o    Clean up breakfast
o   Put dishes in washer, wipe counter, sweep
o    Shower & get ready for the day
o    Take children to school
o    Gather a basket for tidying
o    Straighten up living room & dining room
o   Fold blankets
o   Put away toys, movies, etc
o   Light dusting/cleaning
o   Water plants
o    Tidy bedrooms
o   Light dusting/cleaning
o   Hang any clothes lying around
o   Put dirty clothes in hamper
o    Tidy bathrooms
o   Remove and replace used towels
o   Refill toilet paper and soap
o   Clean sink, vanity, and mirror
o    Review menu for the day
o    Handle any errands like grocery shopping
o    If returning from grocery shopping:
o   Wash veggies and fruit
o   Put groceries away
o    Make lunch
o    Clean up lunch
o   Put dishes in washer, wipe counter, sweep
o    Begin preparation for supper
o    Put one load of laundry in machine (delay until 7pm)
o    Fold yesterday’s laundry and put it away
o    *Handle weekly chore
o    Set table for dinner
o    Quick sweep of main floor and clean up entryway
o    Prepare dinner
o    Freshen up for your husband
o    Serve dinner
o    Clean up dinner
o   Put dishes in washer, wipe counter, sweep
o    Pour boiling water down drain to ensure pipes are flushed
o    Throw out garbage
o    Pack lunches
o    Give all areas a quick tidy
o    Bathe children & put them to bed
o    Organize clothes and things for the next day


    The very first thing I usually do in the morning is clean around the sink area, I always find it helps to have it cleaned up before I start loading it back up again.

    I usually fill a small bucket with hot soapy water and a microfibre cloth and wipe down all surfaces after I give them a light dusting.  I do this for every room except the bathroom where I use Lysol wipes.

    Gathering a basket for tidying refers to getting a basket and in each room grab items that don’t belong there and redistribute them to the appropriate room once you are in it.  This saves time from running from room to room every time you find another misplaced item.

    *Handle weekly chore
        Use this time to accomplish your weekly chore, each day will have a different room with different weekly tasks that will need to be done.
    Delaying the laundry until 7 pm – where we live it’s cheaper for us to use electricity after 7 pm, so we put off running the dishwasher and laundry until after 7.

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