7 Reasons NOT To Buy Essential Oils From A Store


I know what it’s like to need to save a buck and look for the cheapest path.  But I want to stress how important it is to make an investment in your oils, it may be something you might have to save for but trust me I’ve been there, and it’s paid off in SO MANY WAYS.



1. Don’t be deceived  by a “pure” or “natural” label.  In fact, an oil that you may buy from a grocery store or health food store is allowed to label as “pure” or “natural” so long as they have 5% PURE Essential Oils in the bottle, the other 95% is water and chemicals.  {Young Living’s oils are 100% pure essential oils. Tested rigorously both in-house and by 3rd party.}



2. Yay! oils!  Now what?  You heard Tea Tree is good for cleaning, so you run out to the health food or grocery store and buy one, you get home and make up your cleaner and… now what?  You need a TEAM!  A team provides you with education, resources, and are available for questions.  Something you can’t get from some stock clerk.  



3. Warnings?   You’ll notice the bottles on the shelf have the labels like “Keep Out of the Reach of Children” “Do Not Ingest”, and expiration dates. Would you feel safe using these with your family?  Again, the support and resources from your team help SO MUCH when you’re learning how to use essential oils: when to dilute, how to use with children, which ones can be ingested, etc.



4. You have no idea where they came from or if the plants were treated with pesticides, were they harvested at the right time, how many times were they distilled, etc. {Young Living guarantees their oils from Seed to Seal.  They own their own farms, distil once, do weed control by steam and by hand, use essential oils for pest control, harvest at the proper time, etc.} 



5. They are less effective and you get what you pay for.  That’s a tiny bit of oil and a whole lot of junk.  You might as well rub some vegetable on it instead and save yourself some disappointment. If essential oils haven’t worked for you, I would bet you haven’t tried the real deal.


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6. You’re buying from a company that is not concerned about your wellness.  There’s no research to back up their oils or a 20-year track record of integrity or open-door into their business.



7. There’s not much to choose from.  If you are wanting to explore natural options for supporting a good night’s sleep, digestive system support, immunity support, etc. you’re not going to find many options.  {Young Living has over 100 single oils and blends.} 


Hopefully, this helped shed some light on the difference between off-brand essential oils and the good stuff. I’m more than happy to help you dig into it more or help with questions.





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