5 Downton Abbey Inspired Activities

After a lengthy hiatus Downton is finally back!  If you’re anything like me then you get mega inspired when you watch this show (or any period movie/show) so I thought I would put together a fun list of Downton inspired activities to get you in the mood for the new season.

1.  Have A Marathon

If you’ve never seen the show, now is the time to get caught up but if you’re a fan perhaps consider revisiting former seasons to refresh your memory and make you an expert on everything Grantham related.

2.  Throw A Formal Dinner Party

Get dressed in your best and invite some people over for a formal dinner party, what better way to re-use some of those bridesmaid dresses you have gathering dust.  I found a funny and informational guide to do just this at Buzzfeed.  It gives you tips on how to set the table, decorate, seating arrangements, cocktails, and even gives you some ideas for a traditional English dinner menu.

3.  Cocktail Hour

As the show heads into the 20’s what better way to get a taste of the era than with liquor and jazz, well maybe not jazz but the 20’s wouldn’t have been what they were without the liquor!  I found some recipes named for the Crawley girls but the one that struck a note with me was The Bittersweet Mr. Bates, the drink lends a sort of regal air to it making it a great drink for the man of the house, so mix it up and get your man in on the Downton craze!

4.  Head Out For High Tea

Nothing says dignified like scones, crumpets, and clotted cream.  So grab a great ‘frock’ and head out to Zoe’s Lounge at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa for an afternoon filled with piano and of course TEA!  Their Afternoon Tea menu has a little taste of everything refined and even has a section for the Little Prince or Princess of the family.

5.  Head Across The Pond

If throwing a dinner party and having some tea doesn’t seem authentic enough, then go find your passport and visit the real “Downton Abbey” or Highclere Castle.  If this is too pricey for your wallet there is an option far closer to home!  Spadina House in Toronto is a carefully preserved museum dated to the 20’s where it housed the Austin family for 3 generations.  Guests who have visited have been known to walk in and exclaim how it looks like Downton Abbey,  I think this would be a much more money friendly trip to take in a little piece of history and get your Downton Abbey on!

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