3 Gift Challenge

I‘ve seen the 4 Gift Challenge going around Facebook a lot lately and I thought I’d talk about our own twist on it.


Shawn and I have been doing the 4 Gift Challenge, in a way, for years now and it goes right back to my own childhood.


Growing up, my parents had my sister and I write to Santa and ask only for 3 gifts.  ONLY 3 gifts you say?!  Yes, only 3.  My mom told us that we can ask for 3 gifts because Jesus only got 3 gifts when he was born.  To some this may seem like Christmas morning would be an extreme let down but honestly, I never wanted for anything come Christmas morning.



After hearing stories of kids asking for pages and pages of gifts for Christmas it really made me sad.  I didn’t want my kids to associate Christmas with loads and loads of presents, it was important for me to have my kids remember the reason for the season.  It’s a celebration of life, of family.




So when we started our own little family, I knew I wanted to carry on my family tradition.  During my early days of Pinterest creeping, I came along this little poem,


“Something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need.”


I thought this was an absolutely brilliant idea and a fun twist on my traditional 3 gift idea.  Now it seems to have taken the internet by storm!


I ended up taking this idea to the extreme and widdled down their list to only 1 thing…  Yes, you read that right, my kids only get to ask for 1 thing for Christmas!  And you know what?  They NEVER complain, NEVER whine, and they are NEVER upset or disappointed.


Now I don’t want you thinking my kids wake up and under the tree are 3 gifts total.  No, they still get to write to Santa except our letters are not filled with lists of all the latest and greatest, instead, the kids get to ask for 1 specific gift, that’s it.  Then they politely ask Santa for a dress or outfit, but they don’t get to specify what that dress or outfit is, instead, Santa surprises them with something.  The same goes for their something to read, again they ask for a book but they don’t get to say which one, Santa loves to surprise them with something special.  As for their something they need… well who better to know what they need than mom and dad, right?  Also, no Christmas would be complete without a stocking too, stockings tend to also be filled with needs, such as toothpaste, bubble bath, and the like, we also make sure they get 1 treat right at the tip of the toe.


They will still prefer to play with the empty box


And just like that,  Christmas mornings at our house are always filled with joy and happiness.  We stress the importance of family time over presents, of giving over receiving, and delight in how wonderfully awesome this holiday is!





















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