10 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

The end of the summer is approaching and if you’re like me you let summer slip away with the best intentions to make the most of it before school starts.  I had tons of stuff planned for the summer and never got around to doing it.  

Good news is the summer isn’t gone yet, and although the school year has started for most of us, there is nothing to say that we can’t make the most of the last of our warm weekends!
Here is a fun list of 10 things to do before summer ends!

You don’t have to go anywhere fancy or drive for hours to get in a little amusement action, take your kids to a local fair in your area.  If your kids are small like mine they won’t know the difference and still have a great time.


Grab a good sized family tent or borrow one from a friend and pitch a tent in your backyard!  The kids love it and with wee ones you’re never too far if they don’t like it or are really too small to participate.


We are fortunate to live in an area that is booming with fresh fruits and veggies, so why not pack up the kids and head to a local farmers market.  The kids will learn the importance of fresh produce and you can save some money as well!


Ok, who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt?  I made up a list of things I knew we would find walking around in our neighborhood, printed it out and taped it to the front of a large zip loc bag.  Peyton was so excited she finished before we had even got 2 blocks from our house, I might have enticed her a bit with promises of a popsicle if she found all the items.

You can get a pdf of my list here:  Scavenger Hunt List


Roll out the red gingham, dust off the old basket and head out somewhere nice for a fun family picnic.  Don’t worry if you only make it as far as your backyard, at least clean up will be a breeze!


Get out into nature and enjoy what is quickly fading into autumn.  Don’t live near too many nature trails?  No problem, simply drive somewhere and make a day of it!  Shawn and I used to take the kids to Mer Bleue Bog (featured in picture) located 10 minutes outside of Ottawa.

The point is to get the kids outside and off the couch, hold your scavenger hunt there and have a picnic!


My mother held a family reunion this summer and had this brilliant idea of turning the hay mow in her barn into a drive-in movie.  Simply set up a projector anywhere; barn, backyard, patio, etc, and have everyone come over for a movie.  If you have older kids why not have them “sell” tickets for entry, popcorn, or drinks, they’ll love setting up the stand and hopefully keep them out of your hair for awhile.


Take the kids down to the water or find a nice park and have them appreciate a sunset.


Visit a local museum or attend a local festival.  Where I live museums are a bit sparse but we fortunately have an amazing LIVING MUSEUM!  Upper Canada Village is a living museum giving visitors a taste of life back in 1866.

There are so many things to see at Upper Canada Village on even an average day but they also feature many weekends worth of festivals and events like Pumpkinferno, The village is host to over a thousand hand carved pumpkins, why not stay and enjoy some treats like their pumpkin soda!  Or come and enjoy Alight At Night, with almost a million lights Upper Canada Village is a winter wonderland during the Christmas season.  They offer horse drawn wagon rides, a light show, toy train ride, and make sure you try some of the cinnamon buns made in the historic bakery on site.


It’s not a summer without a trip to the water park!  There are many options for cooling down in the summer so you don’t have to bust the bank to enjoy it, simply find a splash park, or make your own!  
I found a really cool idea on Utah County Mom on how to make an outside water sensory bed, although I haven’t attempted to make this but the idea sounded so cool that I had to share it with everyone.

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